Having had both TWC and Comcast service I will say TWC is way behind, from internet speeds to on demand content and guide. To be honest I feel bad for those folks stuck with TWC because they would have gotten a better product with Comcast in charge.
» 4/24/15 2:46pm Friday 2:46pm

Well at least we know that his collection will not go all sultan of brunei on us, out in the Nevada desert with low humidity these should hold up well. Just think of the value in 75 years time.
» 4/24/15 11:10am Friday 11:10am

hmm... it is clean, miles are a tad high, but it is a toyota and one owner, if he has records I’d be happy at $5k as these are getting hard to find, I’m voting NP on good asking price assuming CL negotiability
» 4/24/15 8:54am Friday 8:54am

Chrysler Crossfire, not actually a bad car mind you as it is basically an SLK, in fact I work with someone who owned a mid ‘00s SLK and now a brand new SLK, both with metal folding roofs and bought a crossfire for their winter beater... but still the pop up spoiler was a bit out of place on a Chrysler » 4/23/15 8:43pm Thursday 8:43pm

so you took a high tech engine and replaced it with a carbureted V-8, I just don’t know why you would do that... like I get race car and all but there are so many better swaps starting with a modern American v-8 and ending with a AMG 12 from a S class
» 4/23/15 12:01pm Thursday 12:01pm